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Public Works Public Works used for Housing

We see announced in today's press 31 October 2017 that our new Housing Minister Mr Phil Twyford is willing to consider using the Public Works Act to seize land for housing from land bankers.

It is well known that development of land has been frustrated for a range of reasons. It would worthwhile to understand why the land is not developing, how much land is involved and who is providing the advice the landowners do not intend to develop before embarking on the use of the Public Works Act.

If only it was so easy to seize land!

There is a considerable amount of preparation work required before using the Public Works Act, then there is the processing.

As we live in a democracy, we have laws to obey and there is considerable case law on this very subject.

I note the landowner does not have to take the Government's demand to take land for housing lying down. The landowner can make it time consuming and hard to conclude any acquisition where the Public Works Act is used.

Then there is the matter of compensation. The landowner can only claim compensation for the land and not the potential development value which would be lost. This is an incentive for the landowner to fight!

My advice, have your lawyer on speed dial.

And there is every chance you will successfully delay the proposed acquisition until the next election and make your choice at the ballot box.